Wat Si Muang

The Wat Si Muang is another incredible temple in the city of Vientiane, Laos. Built in 1563 along with several other temples in the city, its location and beautiful design played a key role in the temple’s purpose for centuries. It is one of the few temples of the city that is not had to undergo continual reconstruction from invading forces destroying it. Unlike many of the temples from this. This one is not seen the massive destruction that was so common with the other temples.

A Little History about Wat Si Muang

The temple was built to serve the people of the Kingdom of Lan Xang. It is located on the eastern entrance of the city center, directly on the road which leads to the Friendship Bridge that crosses over into Thailand. Originally, the temple itself was built on the ruins of the Hindu shrine from the Khmer Empire. In fact, you can still see some of the remains from the original structure located in the ordination hall.

The statue of King Sisavang Vong stands directly in front of the Wat Si Muang, giving great prominence to the mighty king who helped to build the structure. There is also a great legend that holds that women who were pregnant at the time that the temple was constructed were given to the temple as a sacrifice to the gods.

What Wat Si Muang Looks Like

One of the things that makes this temple such a grand structure is because of its simplicity. Inside, Wat Si Muang is divided into two different rooms. The front row with a structure is reserved for quiet, where monks usually are on hand to give blessings to those who enter the complex. In the rear room of the house there was a large main altar area. Here you will find numerous statues and images of Buddha, as well as other decorative carvings and art that really add to the grandeur and stature of the building.

Wat Si Muang inside

The Importance of Wat Si Muang

When it was constructed, Wat Si Muang was designed to be one of the pillars of the city of Vientiane. It still is today. In fact, this is one of the most visited monuments in the entire country of Laos, not only by tourists but by the indigenous persons of the country as well.

Today you can join in and visit this beautiful temple, which is surrounded by a very impressive courtyard area. The bright and decorative colors are surely something you will enjoy, and because it is such a close distance to the border of Thailand many find that it is the perfect day to visit the temple and then spend a brief period of time across the border.

Be aware that in the temple area you will also find many who were selling wares. This includes such things as bananas, coconuts, incense, and candles. Well maybe not being the grandest of the temples you will find in the city, it is surely one you will not want to miss.