Wat Mixay

Vientiane, Laos is the home to some of the most ancient structures in the Buddhist faith. Many, dating back to the 16th century, have been created by the order of the king of Laos at that time. He moved the capital city to Vientiane in 1563, and afterward built a series of temples that were to be the crown jewels of his empire. These were not only to become great places of worship, but educational centers and beautiful architectural works as well.

One that you will clearly want to be able to visit when you come to the city is Wat Mixai. The temple, also spelled Wat Mixay, is located on the east side of the city almost right between six of the more well-known temple sites within the city itself. It is a truly majestic and fantastic looking structure, which not only displays a true love and devotion to the Buddhist gods, but also a true sense of Laotian style.

For those who traveled throughout Asia they will find the roof of this temple to be one that truly falls within the character and architectural wonder of Laos.

Wat Mixay inside

A Beautiful Work of Wonder

When you arrive at Wat Mixay you will see that this is a rather small structure in comparison to many of the others there built during the time of the Empire. However, the adornments and design show a great love and desire to make the structure one that truly stands out. The colorful outside of the building makes it easy to find, and the doors heading up to the building as well as the paintings on each side of the doors are truly spectacular.

What is clear about this structure that separates it from many of the others is that learning was obviously a key factor to why it was built. Many of the paintings that are displayed show Buddha with his followers seated around him learning under the guise of his brilliance. A bright halo is always shown around the head of the founder of the faith representing not only his vast intelligence but the brightness of the faith as well.

It is clear from the paintings as well as from the artwork inside the temple area that this temple was intended to draw people to it to learn of the faith. Buddhist monks still reside in this temple, and tourists who visit are welcome to seek the wisdom of those who are the followers of Buddha. Classes are taught to those who wish to learn, and monks encourage all who wish to participate in the meditations and teachings that occur at this fantastic site.

This may not have the grand ambience that she would find in some temples in Vientiane, but you will be truly blessed by spending a day at Wat Mixai. It is truly a sight you will be glad you included in your itinerary once you feel the calling and enlightened effects of this very special place. There are few places like it on earth.