Vientiane Orchidees 2

A fun place to visit in the city of Vientiane, Laos is the Vientiane Orchidees. This is an organization dedicated to the raising and producing of the wild Laotian orchid as well as other types of orchids that are not only indigenous to the country, but can be found throughout the world. The Vientiane Orchidees Company was created when a study was conducted by the National University of Laos that found that the orchids were in danger of disappearance altogether. In response to this, this protected area was created to not only preserve this natural wonder, but to give people the opportunity to view them and enjoy them the way they were intended to be.

In this location you will find hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of orchids that have been included in the conservation pool. These are prominently displayed in roles that allow you to walk through and see each one up close. You will be astounded at the beauty of these plants which play a significant role in pollination.

Some have wondered why there is such an outstanding need to protect orchids from the destruction of their habitat or excessive harvesting. What has been found is that when these orchids were destroyed in their natural habitat that pollination in general in that area suffered greatly. These flowering plants appear to be some kind of anchor or at least an indicator of how well pollination within an ecosystem is occurring. When the orchids suffer the entire ecosystem suffers is what has been discovered. This is why the policy of Laos is, “Preserve the orchids, preserve the forest!”

Vientiane Orchidees

The reality of this is quite important to the country. Within the Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area there are several orchids that are frequently found along the rivers and waterfalls of the spectacular preserve area. However, those orchids are dwindling in population, presenting a concern that the preserve itself could potentially be in danger.

The Vientiane Orchidees Company is not only in business to provide a safe haven for these plants to flourish, but is also how to protect the wild orchids that exist in their national forest areas as well as to educate its citizens and visitors on the importance of these plants. As a result, they have stopped excessive harvesting, destruction of the habitats, and theft of these plants.

Because a large portion of the area in and around Vientiane is dense forest area, they see the immediate need to protect these plants to protect and sustain the large number of jungle areas. They clearly understand that a failure to do so may come at their own demise.

When you are in the city of Vientiane, this is one of those areas you clearly want to visit. If you are a true flower lover this is a must-see but, even if you are not, you will find great educational materials and to worse that will help you to learn the importance of protecting our planet.