Souphanouvong Museum

One of the most important and culturally significant sites in all of Laos is the Souphanouvong Museum. Prince Souphanouvong, along with half-brother Prince SouvannaPhouma and Prince BounOum, formed the triumvirate that built the communist regime in the country of Laos. He was the president of the country from December 1975 until August 1991. His significance in helping to create the current government of Laos cannot be diminished. He played a significant role in helping to establish the communist government, and an even bigger part in ensuring that it thrived under his rule.

In 2005, a museum dedicated to the former president was created in the city of Vientiane. This museum displays and highlights the large number of important achievements that were accomplished under his rule. The museum itself used to be his residence, and the first floor of the museum houses a large number of photo exhibits related to his activities in the revolutionary movement that freed Laos from Imperial rule by France and the United States. In the second floor, you will find rooms that portray important events in his life as well as information about his family, lifestyle, and other significant characteristics of the great former president.

Souphanouvong Museum 2

He is considered to be one of the most outstanding leaders the country of Laos has ever had in its history, and the Souphanouvong Museum is a testament and tribute to the incredible wisdom and leadership that he brought to the nation.

There are many places within the country of Laos were tourists would gain true insights into the history that shaped this beautiful Southeast Asian country. This is truly one of those destinations. By visiting here, you will get a real clear idea of the struggle to gain independence, something that hadn’t been seen in the country for generations, as well as gain an insight into the man who helped to make that independence a reality. This is one of those must-see locations in the country where you can truly see for yourself who Laos’ version of George Washington is.

The cost is just a few dollars to enter the museum, and there is plenty to see and enjoy once inside.