Local markets

Local markets vientiane

While shopping may not be the primary reason you visit any city, the reality is that people still want to be able to rummage through and peruse local establishments to find souvenirs, clothes, and other treasures to take home with them. This is one of those important traditions of vacationing.

If you come to the city of Vientiane you will not be disappointed by the opportunities that are provided to you. You will find many shops available to you that offer you a wide variety of different kinds of items to purchase. There are hand craft shops that sell silk and textile garments. There are also those that provide you with statues, hand carved wood items, and other personalized treasures that you will enjoy taking home with you.

There are large supermarkets available to you that can provide you with local delicacies. Many of these are cooked at the store itself for you to be able to eat, or you can take some with you and cook them yourself. There are many locations within the city where you can prepare your own meals.

Most of the temple sites that you would visit as well as museums offer small gift shops where you can buy items focused on the temple or museum. There are also plenty of stores and shops that sell items that you may need while visiting the city, including shampoo, soap, and other personal items.

If you are looking for items to take home with you or to make sure your needs are met while visiting Laos, be sure that you will not miss out.

Modern Shopping centers

Modern Shopping centers vientiane

While there are plenty of small shops that you will find in the city of Vientiane, you should know that there is also a modern shopping center that you can visit to get virtually any item you would be looking for while visiting Laos. The Talat Sao Mal is three floors of stores available for you to find all of the different kinds of items that you would want while visiting the city.

This is a very modern complex. In fact, it is the first public building in the city of Vientiane with indoor parking being available. The shopping plaza is built with a very unique escalator system that is described by the locals as “electricity ladders.” This is not only because many had not seen escalators prior to the mall being built, but also because of the steep grade.

Inside the mall you will find a food court that has several different restaurants available for you to get fast food style meals. There are also a few cafés where you can get a wide assortment of drinks, including coffees, teas, and soda.

The stores inside the mall are typical of what you would find in any mall in Western countries. There are clothing stores, sporting goods stores, novelty stores, and many other kinds of businesses that will provide you with the wares that you may be seeking.

The best part about this is that it gives you the opportunity to get out of the hot sun and enjoy a cool place where you will find some of the best bargains imaginable. In terms of cost, this is a shopper’s paradise.

Night Market by the Mekong River

Night Market by the Mekong River vientiane

The Mekong River is an incredible place to visit while in Vientiane, Laos. This river provides spectacular views and great activities for you and your whole family. There is another great activity that you will find here at nighttime and that is the Night Market by the Mekong River.

At nighttime from 6 PM to midnight this market comes alive with the whole wide variety of goods, services and food to serve, catered primarily towards tourists and visitors. You will find all kinds of different merchandise that will make great souvenirs or mementos of your trip to this fantastic land.

To find the Night Market by the Mekong River is not difficult at all. At dark all of the businesses are lit up, and the entire structure is covered by red canvassed roofs. There is honestly no missing this place.

As you travel through here you will find many items that would be ideal for you to take home with you. Because this is a Buddhist nation there are many different paintings and knickknacks that you will find dedicated to the faith, but there is significantly more here. You can find close that would cost hundred dollars or more and many other locations in the world for less than $10, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are several establishments where you can get great food and a few bars are also located here. This is us place where there is truly something for everyone. You have to be sure to make this your destination on at least one evening.

Ta Lat Sao (Morning Market)

Ta Lat Sao (Morning Market)

While a lot of attention is paid by tourists to the Night Market at the Mekong River, there is another great place to go where you can find incredible bargains and spectacular goods that you will love to take home with you. The Morning Market, otherwise known as the Ta Lat Sao is a fantastic place to find items that will suit your needs for a cost you cannot believe.

The Ta Lat Sao is a place where you will find a large number of indoor stalls that are selling virtually any item you could imagine. There are two floors to this makeshift shopping plaza. The first floor is where you will find mostly textiles, watches, and electronics. You should be aware that you will find nearly any kind of electronic product you want, but you should also be aware that practically all of them are knockoffs. They may say Apple on them, but don’t believe that for a second.

On the second floor of the complex is where you will find mostly clothing, jewelry, and gold. If you are a haggler about items and this is your true paradise. Truthfully, no jewelry or gold item should be purchased at the price being offered. You should negotiate to a discount of between 10% and 33%. Don’t feel like they will be insulted. They expect tourists to haggle with them and not doing so means you’re just giving your money away.

There is a smack sectioned to the Ta Lat Sao where you can find traditional kinds of snacks like candies and other food items. However, you can also find local delicacies which include such things as locust, grasshoppers, and worms.