Rivers and Waterfalls of Vientiane

Vientiane is a beautiful place to spend your vacation. With its long history and amazing culture it is truly a spectacular place to visit. However, it is the natural beauty of this Southeast Asian city that really is the star attraction. With plush forest areas in a tropical temperature that stays warm year-round, this is a place where you can truly enjoy the wonders of nature to their fullest.

Two of the things that make this city a spectacular place to visit are the rivers and waterfalls that are in and around the city area. It begins with the Mekong River, which is the dividing line between Thailand and Laos. This is the world’s 12th longest river in the seventh longest in all of Asia, spanning 2,703 miles. There is a great riverfront along this river in the city, which comes alive at night time to form one of the most spectacular night markets that you will find. The river is a beautiful location to walk along especially during the sunset, and is a common gathering place for citizens of the city after work.

You will love the waterfall areas that are in and around the city. The Kaeng Nyui is over 100 feet high and not only allows tourists to walk along the shores both above and below the waterfalls, but you can swim and enjoy the waters below. There are also great spots to have picnics or just sit and enjoy the spectacular view.

Rivers and Waterfalls of Vientiane2

Just a couple of hours north of Vientiane you will find the Phou Khao Khouay National Park. Here there is not only a lush forest area, but great waterfalls and river confluences as well. The two primary waterfalls you will find within the park are the Tad Xay and the PhaXay. These are spectacular places to visit especially during the rainy season. Watching the waterfall is something spectacular and you can enjoy bathing in the basins below. This is a great place to cool off from a hot day in the Laotian sun as you swim and enjoy your day of fun with family or friends.

Rivers and Waterfalls of Vientiane3

The Tad Leuk waterfall is also located here and is a tourist favorite primarily because of the dense mix of trees and vegetation around the waterfall. There’s a great trail along this where botanical features are accented. From here you are also not very far from the Tad Sang (Elephant Waterfall) waterfall, another great place to bathe her relax. There’s a beautiful array of orchids that are also present near this waterfall area.

Of course, waterfalls means rivers there are plenty of them around in these areas. These include the Nam Mang River, the Houay Xai, and the Nam Ngum. There is a great deal to love about the outdoors in this city, especially on a hot day when you are looking to find a place to quickly cool off.