Police Museum laos

Laos is a country with some very interesting historical sites and museum, often providing sites that most of the world wouldn’t believe is a historical landmark or ideal that needs to be recognized. For example, the Lao Textile Museum displays exhibits of garments and textiles that have been around in the country for hundreds of years. Because of the diversity of cultural and ethnic groups that have lived in Laos this becomes a very interesting museum because there are few places on earth where you would find so many blends of people coming together in such a small location.

A great one of these unusual museums is the Police Museum in Vientiane. This museum was established in 2011 as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Lao People’s Security Force. The purpose of the museum was to give an overall history and dedication to these brave warriors who fought for the country, as well as recognizing the outstanding leaders who helped to protect the nation and eventually led to its independence from the imperial powers that looked to dominate and control the country.

This museum used to originally belong as part of the Lao People’s Army History Museum, but a separation in 2005 helped to create the ideal of having a separate facility dedicated to the security forces of the country. Here you will find large displays and galleries that give a clear picture of how the history of this security force was created, the events they have played a key role in, and their relationship with other international organizations which serve the same sort of purpose.

There are over 8000 photos and objects in this museum, allowing visitors to get a very clear view of the role that this group has played. Located just a couple of miles from the Central Bus Station, this is a very easy museum to access and the cost is negligible to enter.