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Pakxe is the capital city of the province of Champasak, which is located in the southern portion of Laos. This is the second largest city in the country, and is one of the major areas for transportation and commerce. In fact, it is the gateway to most of the commerce that you will see dispersed throughout southern Laos.

Some Demographics and Information About Pakxe

With a population of about 87,000 people, this is a rather large metropolitan area for Laos. While Buddhism is the primary religion of most persons who live here, there is a large Catholic Church here as well, affording tourists the opportunity to engage in this religious practice.

Pakxe was a primary French administrative outpost built in 1905, and was formally the capital of the Lao kingdom of Champasak. This was true until 1946 when Laos was united as one country under the French.

Like many cities in the country, this is an area that is quite warm all year-round. In fact, the average temperature is better than 86° year-round, with the coolest temperature being in December at 86.4°F

Getting to Pakxe —> BOOK FLIGHT

This is a very easy area to reach by plane. There are a few different airlines that offer air travel service to the city. Once there you can obtain a visa at the airport. The cost of this is about $25. Visas can be extended for two dollars per day.

Some also choose to get to the city by boat or by bus. There is a boat service that offers travel to the city at a cost of about $250 per person. Tourists should be aware that this price can be negotiable, affording you the opportunity to haggle for a reduced cost. Buses also come from many areas throughout Southeast Asia affording other opportunities to gain access to the city.

What to See in Pakxe

There are many great sites to see in Pakxe. Wat Luang is a spectacular Temple that is home to the Buddhist Monk School. You will find that there is a daily alms where monks give away small portions of food to the local for villagers or to tourists who are on hand. It is a very selfless act that is enjoyable to watch.

Wat Luang

Wat Luang

The oldest and largest temple in Pakxe is Wat Phabad. This is believed to have been where the footprint of Buddha has been preserved throughout history, and is where this Temple’s name is derived from. The location of the Temple is truly spectacular.

Wat Phabad

Wat Phabad

Big Buddha is another great temple complex within the city. It was built just across the river and not only is a great place to visit, but allows you a spectacular view of both the river and the city.

pakse buddha

Big Buddha

One of the things you will want to do while visiting the city is to partake in the Green Discovery Laos to tours. This is a great opportunity to see the fantastic natural beauty of Laos, and affords you the opportunity to kayak or raft, bicycle, rock climb, or just backpack your way for the day. This is a must-see for true environmentalists and people who just enjoy nature.

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