Muang Xay has been one of the most important cities in Laos since it was first founded. This was originally formed as a series of small villages that are an important center point in the trade between China and Vietnam. Because of this it has a very multicultural atmosphere to it, even more so than many of the other areas that you would find in the country.



Muang Xay Hmong

Muang Xay is located in the northern portion of Laos, in the Nam Ko River Basin, and is surrounded by some beautiful and scenic mountains. If you are traveling to the area, you will find that there are very few spots on earth that are as beautiful and is enjoyable to see is this fantastic city.

A Little About Muang Xay

The population of this city is not exactly known. Muang Xayo, and became an ideal location not only because of the abundant fishing that is available, but because of its close proximity to four different countries that border Laos. Today, National Road 1 connects through the city and is one of the busiest roads in the country.

The city is a mountain basin between plush green hills. On opposite sides of the city are two large soaring hills which dominate the city itself. Because of its location and the mountains, they are protected from much of the monsoon effects that other areas of the country are forced to absorb. Temperatures are usually quite comfortable year-round, and there is far less rain in this area than you would find in other areas of Laos. This does not mean that it is lacking for water however. The mountains provide a large amount of precipitation to the area ensuring that it is a great place for agriculture.

Getting into Muang Xay —> BOOK FLIGHT

Because of how popular of the site this is, both in terms of tourism and trade, there are airlines that fly into the city’s airport. Not only are domestic flights available but so are international flights from countries in Southeast Asia. The cost of these flights from other nations usually is about $98 one way.

Buses are also available for reaching the city. There are two bus terminals in the city of Muang Xay providing options depending on where you might be staying or visiting. Like airlines, buses are serviced both inside Laos and from neighboring nations. Visitors should understand that bus rides can last up to 15 hours depending upon where you are coming from.

The Star of Muang Xay is Nature

There are many great cultural and historic aspects to the city, but it is the natural beauty of Muang Xay that is the star of the show. There are great caves that have been used for mining and is homes throughout history. These are accessible by walking and give a real sense of what the areas like.

natural beauty of Muang Xay

natural beauty of Muang Xay



The village itself is an interesting array of French colonial buildings, as well as the Chinese, Vietnamese, Siamese, and Laotian influences on architecture and design. You can also see much of the history and culture of the area at the Oudomxay Museum.

Oudomxay Museum

Oudomxay Museum