Lao Textile Museum

For those looking for a very unusual museum in the country of Laos, there is really no better one to visit than the Lao Textile Museum. This is a museum that provides visitors with an unbelievable display of antique textiles, many of which date back several centuries. The museum where these textiles are housed is even quite exquisite on its own making the overall experience something that will truly be remembered. For those who truly want to know more about textiles and fabric, this is the place to go.

It first begins in the lower portion of the home where you can find old loans and antique spinners that are still in use today. In fact, it would be very difficult to find as antiquated of machinery as these items are in the museum that are still operational. This is what makes the museum truly spectacular, as all aspects of it are intended to display the great tradition of Laos.

Upstairs you will find that many of the textiles are hung on the walls or are placed in cupboards. You will find pieces that have been made by a vast majority of ethnic. Because Laos has a long history of many Southeast Asian and Western nations rolling a portion of the land at various times throughout its history, you will find a large assortment of different kinds of textiles and patterns. It is truly an amazing part of this museum because you get to see such a wide display of textiles and material all of which originated in the country of Laos itself.

Beyond the textiles, you will find great displays on the natural dyes and indigo pots that were used to aid in the coloring of these garments. This allows you the opportunity to really see a very detailed look into the whole process that went on to create many of these garments.

There are many great tumors here that can show you around the museum and answer any questions you may have. You are also able to see people use the antique spinners and looms to create garments even today. This allows you the opportunity to see firsthand how some of these items were created in times past.