Lao National Museum

The Lao National Museum is one of the most important museums in the country, dedicated to highlighting the revolution that occurred in the 1970s. Located in an old French colonial building that was built in 1925, the museum highlights the people struggle to free the country from foreign occupiers and imperial forces that look to subjugate the people of Laos to their will.

The building itself originally was the home to the French governor who ruled the protectorate from this residence for nearly 50 years. While a beautiful building, it still is as a symbol of the oppression from foreign powers seeking to rule over the Southeast Asian nation.

Now the building is home to a wide variety of artifacts and displays where you can learn about the history, culture, and people of this beautiful country. The museum houses artifacts that date back to the earliest portion of French colonial rule. Some of these artifacts are fading or degrading over years but are still a beautiful sight to see.

Lao National Museum 3

Many of the artifacts you will find date back to prehistoric times in the country, including such things as dinosaur bones, fragments of pottery, and Khmer sculptures. This will give you a very thorough examination of the earliest times that are known in the country, some even dating back hundreds of millions of years.

Lao National Museum 2

In the upstairs area of the museum there is a long dedication to the many invasions by foreign powers that have looked to control the nation of Laos. This includes the Siamese, French, and even American military presence within the country. Of course, you will find a very strong emphasis on the battle to gain independence in the introduction of a communist form of government which took power in 1975. Here you will find many photographs and artifacts depicting the struggle and demonstrating the will of the people to be free from oppression and to be governed by themselves.

This is truly a beautiful place to visit if you are coming to the city of Vientiane. If you desired to find out more about the history of Laos, there is no better place to visit.

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