Kayaking vientiane

Where there are rivers there is sure to be a lot of fun activities. One of those that people really like to do is kayaking. For those who are looking for a great day of exercising as well as a funding on the water this is a spectacular activity. It will help to get you in good shape and is a lot of fun.

There is really nothing better than combining a vacation with a fun activity like kayaking. When you can go to a place that you can do something you really enjoy while you run your vacation it really adds to the experience. This is why people who love such things as golfing or fishing choose vacation destinations that allow them to partake in one of their most favorite hobbies.

For those who love to kayak a place they will surely love to visit is Vientiane. Talk about a place that offers you incredible sites and activities yet also affords you the opportunity to get into your kayak and enjoy a day or two out on the water. This is the ultimate getaway destination.

Kayaking vientiane 2

Right near Vientiane is the Mekong River which is a fantastic place to get out onto the water and experienced one of your favorite activities. The waters are fantastic and afford great opportunities to battle against occurrence as you grow up and down this majestic river.

There are places along the riverfront that allow you to rent a kayak if you would like, plus you can learn how to properly use one of these specialized boats by taking a class or two. Where you are a seasoned professional or a person just starting new, there are great opportunities for you to enjoy kayaking in Vientiane.

You should also be aware that just a short distance from the city is the Phou Khao Khounay National Park which also contains two large rivers where you can enjoy this activity. You should be on guard though as there are also some rather severe waterfalls located on the rivers. A captain should go down with the ship but that doesn’t mean you need to go down with your kayak.