Houey Hong Vocational Training Centre for Women

In many countries throughout the world women are not given the same opportunity that men are afforded within the society. It is a sad fact of life that in many cultures women are viewed as not as valued as men are, which is sadly a common feeling among many of the far east Asian nations.

Fortunately, Laos is not one of these countries. Instead, women are valued greatly within the nation especially as part of the workforce, and there are places like the Houey Hong Vocational Training Centre for Women that have been created to train women to enter the workforce and be key members of the society.

This training center opened in 1998 with the aid of two Japanese based organizations. The purpose of the organization was threefold. This included…

  1. Providing training for women where they could learn an assortment of skills including weaving, dying, and tailoring. This was designed to train women in rural areas, those who were poor or who had a disability.

  2. A goal to revive the traditional crafts of Laos, which include such things as the natural dying of fabrics and traditional weaving.

  3. To give women additional skills that could assist them in being more independent especially those who received only a minimal amount of education.

This remarkable program has really aided women in becoming more independent and more integral in the Laos society. While located in Vientiane, women from all over the country are welcome to partake in this program.

For those who are visiting Vientiane, you are welcome to tour the facility and learn more about the trades these women are learning. It is truly well worth the opportunity to not only see the great skills that these women are learning, but also it provides you with an opportunity to learn more about the ancient crafts of Laos as well as providing you with some skills and how to perform these tasks yourself. In the activity package to her you are given the opportunity to learn how to weave and die materials much as the ancient cultures of Laos did. You are really love this opportunity to learn the spectacular handcrafted skill that is being made to come to life again.