COPE Visitor Centre

When many think of the country of Laos they think of an ancient civilization still looking to enter the 21st Century. Not only are the stereotypes unfair, but they deny the incredible innovations and technological advances the country has reached. Many of these advances have come in the area of medicine and other areas of improving people’s lives, and none stands more prominently in this endeavor than the COPE Visitor Centre.

This is an organization dedicated to providing forms of rehabilitative therapies, including orthotics and prosthetic devices. They are also a strong advocate aiding survivors of accidents and injuries who have now been afflicted with disabilities to be able to function in the society.

Located in the city of Vientiane, the COPE Visitor Centre came about as a result of the illegal war that was occurring in Laos during the Vietnam War. Many were hurt and injured during this time, but were not provided with proper medical services by any of the combatants because of the secretive nature of the conflict.

COPE Visitor Centre 2

The COPE Visitor Centre works to provide tourists and visitors with a proper understanding of how those who were afflicted with disabilities during the conflict have been impacted. There are exhibits that discussed a history, as well as provide information on how the center has worked to improve their client’s lives.

Since its creation, thousands of citizens of the country as well as visitors from other nations have benefited from the advanced treatments and techniques that they have devised. This has helped to improve the lives of countless people, helping to ensure that they do not feel as an outcast within the world.

For those looking to visit the COPE Visitor Centre there are demonstrations that allow you to learn more about the rehabilitative devices. There is also a small gift shop that sells information and souvenirs about the center. The Karma Café has one of the most incredible homemade ice cream shops you will ever visit, which includes specialty coffees that will truly hit the spot.

For those wanting to see how far this country has advanced in the last 40 years, this is a place you will surely enjoy.