Cooking classes vientiane

Have you ever visited a country and got to sample some dishes from that land and thought to yourself how incredible it would be to be able to create those cuisines on your own? You love the dish so much that you love to make it a regular staple of your own diet, but you know that searching the Internet to try to find the proper recipe simply is not going to cut it. You want the real deal and you’re worried that your experience may and when you leave that country’s borders.

Well no worries about that when you visit the city of Vientiane in Laos. Here, as part of your tourist experience, there are cooking classes and food tours that give you the opportunity to be able to learn the many different dishes that are indigenous to the country of Laos. You not only get to learn about them but you get the opportunity to learn how to make them for yourself. This gives you the opportunity to make that dish you enjoyed so much.

There are two primary cooking courses that you can take while visiting this city in Laos. The first of these is the Lao Experiences Cooking Course and Food Tours. Here you will learn about the Lao people and their culture, which will include cooking Lao style of food in the garden near the Mekong River. Talk about an amazing experience that you get to enjoy in an amazing setting. It is truly spectacular. If you would like to sign up for this course you do so at the Full Moon Café.

The Cooking Class Lao Experiences and Food Tours are also booked at this Café. This class is taught at a secret location about 15 minutes from the town square. You will not only learn traditional cooking methods that the people of Laos have used for centuries, but you will also get a tour of many local restaurants near the cooking school. This will give you the opportunity to sample a wide variety of different dishes to make your class experience one catered towards your desires.