While many people do not consider Laos to be a big destination for climbing, the truth of the matter is that in and around the city of Vientiane you will find spectacular cliffs, mountains and rock formations that make this the ideal place to spend the day climbing. Not only is there two large mountain peaks, but some beautiful waterfalls provide a great opportunity to scale the sides of these areas as you had for the top.

Most of the very best adventures for climbing begin in the Phou Khao Khounay National Park, which is located a short distance from the city of Vientiane. The majority of this park is also a protected area ensuring that you will see a great deal of exotic wildlife while on your journey.

It also ensures that there are great places to find climb. Many love the waterfalls of Tad Xay and PhaXay best places to visit. Both of these are within a short distance of one another and are fed by a stream whose source begins in the northern mountains of the park. While a popular tourist area, much of the forest surrounding the waterfalls is virtually untouched, making for your climbing adventure to be a real challenging one as you battle your way through the brush and bushes.

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There are actually quite a few waterfalls in this area, providing great opportunities to scale as you are cooled by the waters rising from below. For experienced climbers this is truly a destination where you will find a great deal of enjoyment.

There are also two large mountain peaks located within the park area. Both rise to heights of over a mile above sea level. Located within each of these mountains are caves which are actually quite common not only within the National Park but within the city of Vientiane as well. This affords you the opportunity to see some of the great history and artwork that is located in the caves as you climb or simply provides a spot where you can take a rest from the exhaustive temperatures of Southeast Asia.

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