Camping vientiane

Because the country of Laos is a land filled with tropical and deciduous forests, it is the ideal place to find a spot to do some camping. With warm temperatures year-round, there is no fear of being snowed in or finding yourself battling the elements. Here, your only concerns are large amounts of rain and the insects and animals that may find your tent is inviting a place to sleep as you do. Truly Laos was made for camping.

Around the city of Vientiane there are many great places for you to take advantage of the great outdoors. Whether you are a single person enjoying an excursion to the Southeast Asian city, or you are traveling here is a family this is the ideal place for a great camping adventure. You will surely not be disappointed.

In and around Vientiane there are several campsites where you can stay. Most of these provide some kind of accommodation to you, such as water or a place to clean up, but others are near the river and give you the opportunity to use Mother Nature and all of her resources to fill your needs. The cost to stay in many these locations is negligible in terms of the opportunities that they provide. Generally, they are no more than a few dollars a night.