No matter where you are visiting in the world, one thing you are little want to know is what are the best places to eat. Maybe food shouldn’t be your primary concern, but it is a concern. You not only want to enjoy your stay in the location you are visiting, but you want to find food that you will thoroughly enjoy and want to eat. It is only natural.

Many people would be very interested in coming to an exotic and exciting place like Vientiane, Laos, but they worry about what is available to them. For example, to hear about such delicacies as fried cricket, and think to themselves that that is simply not for them. No need to be worried though; the city has great places for you to eat no matter what your palette may desire.

If You Are on a Budget…

Let’s start with those who are trying to keep their expenses down. You should be aware that there is a wide variety of cuisines available to you. Not only can you find such things as Tex-Mex, spaghetti, and hamburgers, but you can also find local dishes such as fried pork or chicken, quails eggs, soups, and other foods that you will surely enjoy.

There are several Noodle shops that are to be found throughout the city. These serve such things as fried rice, noodle based dishes, and rice noodle soups. It is a tasty treat with the best part of it being you will spend no more than one dollar on any of their main entrées.

The Stay Hungry Burger offers a great assortment of American hamburger style foods. The one thing that you should be aware of is that the name isn’t kidding. The portions that are served are rather small so you will be hungry afterwards.

Down along the Mekong River you will find a large number of restaurants and beer gardens that come at a rather inexpensive price to dine in. You will find several Lao style eateries, Australian diners, and other food establishments. This is much in the same style as a food court at many of the shopping malls you would see throughout the world.

There are also two great Indian style restaurants that serve food in a relatively inexpensive price. The Nazim Indian Restaurant, the Noor, and the Taj Mahal Restaurant offer authentic Indian dishes in the restaurants are quite authentic looking and their ambience. All three offer quality food at a good price.

If You Are Looking for a Little More Extravagent…

There Are several different restaurants that you could go to that offer food at a reasonable price. For example, Just for Fun provides a casual light atmosphere with Thai style. There are several vegetarian dishes and incredible desserts that you will love. Prices start at about $2.50.

Because of the French influence on the country, you will find some incredible French restaurants and cafés to dine in. Le Croissant d’Or, Banneton Café, and La Cote d’Azur are three of the busiest you will find. At each of these you will find authentic French cuisine, not only provide great entrées, but simple lunches and pastries as well.

The Lao Garden, Lotus Restaurant, and Kuo Lao all offer very often authentic Lao dishes that give you a real taste of the food of this country. Well you can order Western-style dishes at each one of them, the local cuisine is truly to die for here. The meals are spectacular and they range from between eight dollars to $25 depending upon the type of meat you are seeking. The Lao Garden also has a great nightclub attached with it when you can dance the night away.

It would be wrong not to mention the Tex-Mex Alexia Restaurant and Bar. Built by a former American, this is a restaurant designed to capture the uniquely American style of cuisine. There is live music here in a wide variety of dishes for you to enjoy.

Up 2 U is a barbecue style restaurant where you will not only be able to taste local Lao dishes but barbecue dishes from all of the world. There is also a great selection of beverages, and the cost for food is usually no more than eight dollars per person.

When You Want to Live It Up…

Of course there are those who are looking for a little bit more extravagant of a meal, and you should know that Vientiane has this available to you. The Aria Mixai Italian Culinary Arts is a spectacular place to eat at, where the finest Italian foods are served. With homemade pasta and your choice of gourmet needs, this has rapidly become the most popular buffet in the city. You should also be aware that their homemade ice cream bar is really something.

Le Silapa has a fantastic option for lines and is a charming little restaurant serving French cuisine. Most entrées cost about $20, but they are well worth it for the fantastic taste that is provided. This is a truly authentic French dining experience, and one you will absolutely love.

Nam Phou has been called the best restaurant in town for quite some time. They not only provide fantastic food, but the service is absolutely exceptional. With authentic Lao style food in a very friendly staff you will find this a must visit.

For Those Who Don’t Want Meat…

There are those who enjoy their cuisine but without any kind of meat attached to it. Will take heart; Vientiane has you covered. There are four great vegan style restaurants within the city. Happy Golden Age, Nirvana, Vegan Restaurant, TalatKhuadin, and Vegan Food Stall, Talat Sao food court all offer spectacular dishes at varying prices. You should be aware that many of the other restaurants mentioned already provide vegetarian dishes as well.

And Finally…

No mention of the different kinds of restaurants in Vientiane would be complete without mentioning the great Chinese food restaurants of the city. Because China has had such a big influence over Laos and its culture, you will find some spectacular Chinese food places in which to dine. A few that really stand out are Fu Man Lou, Dihao Hunan Restaurant, Jiu-Jiu Restaurant and Restaurant Chengdu. A stop at any one of these will provide you with a truly exceptional meal.