Army Museum laos

The Lao People’ Army Museum is one of the most important museums in all of Laos. Located in the city of Vientiane, this museum is meant as a tribute to the brave men and women that have served this beautiful country, both prior to it gaining its independence all the way through to today.

Established in 1976, the museum is a fantastic display of the historical role the army has played during the revolutionary period in Laos, which began in 1950, through the liberation of the country from French rule in 1975, all the way to the role that they play in keeping Laos safe and free from foreign incursion. Laos has a long history of being invaded and controlled by foreign occupiers with imperialistic ideals, and this museum is a testament to the brave men and women who seek to keep this country from being occupied ever again.

Army Museum

The museum holds a large number of very interesting and exciting artifacts to review. These include such things as weapons, tools, and photos of members of the Lao People’s Army throughout the 65-year history of his existence. Outside of the main building, on the grounds of the museum area, you are able to find troop vehicles and warplanes that have been used inside the country for generations. It is truly a spectacular sight to see, as you get a close look at some true historical remnants from times past. These are actual pieces of equipment and weapons that were used that aided in the liberation of the country of Laos.


While also reviewing these materials, there are descriptions that provide you with the historical accounts of battles against foreign invaders. Tourists are able to learn about the military victories and about the people that played a key role in enabling the success of the revolution. You will see actual pictures of the enemies of the country as well as see soldiers who have lost their lives in the fight to free Laos.

We live in an age where there are not many recent revolutions of this type, so the Lao People’ Army Museum gives you a great opportunity to view a historical event that for many has happened in their lifetime.

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